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About National Contract Buyers

National Contract Buyers, LLC is a company that is owned and operated by Janette Kurucz. Janette has been purchasing, brokering and closing cash flows since 1990. Janette started working for the largest note investor in the nation, Metropolitan Mortgage, while she was in college.  Through hard work and determination Janette quickly worked her way from an entry level position up to senior closer. Janette was the highest producing closer for several years before she decided to join forces with Nick Buschur of Buschur Mortgage to form National Contract Buyers.   In 2004, Janette added another dimension
to her skill set by brokering and closing hard money commercial real estate loans.
Janette brings with her an extensive working knowledge of the intricacies of the cash
flow business.


Purchasing and processing cash flows is our only business, it's all we do. If you have any type of cash flow or contract to sell, call the "Cash Flow Specialist," National Contract Buyers, LLC.


We carry a very high volume and because of that we get the best rates from the investors. This allows us to pass the savings on to you. That is why we can say “Nobody beats our prices” and means it! National Contract Buyers has a vast network of private investors.


The company has been purchasing cash flows nationwide since its existence. This is possible because of an expert staff that always goes out of their way to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. All we do is buy cash flows and contracts, it is our business and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise.


We purchase real estate contracts including mortgage notes, trust deeds, mobile home contracts, land and commercial property. We'll help you obtain the cash flow you need quickly and easily! Free quotes on all real estate notes.


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Do you know someone else receiving cash flow payments from real estate they've sold or an annuity?


» Give them our name & phone number or e-mail address

» Have them call or e-mail and tell us you referred them

» If we buy their payments we will send you $200.00!


Trying to obtian a settlement from an injury? Need fast cash from lottery winnings or judgements? We can help you get the cash flow you need fast from any structured settlement without the hassle or wait.


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noteholder's checklist

Dear Noteholder,


When you sold your home or investment property, you decided to carry back a note for the new buyer. Seller financing is a growing business. More people are electing to take back a deed of trust, mortgage, or contract for many reasons:


» Quick sale of the property

» Monthly income from the note

» No hassles of conventional financing such as fees, delays, and strict guidelines

» More qualified buyers


However, circumstances change and many noteholder's would prefer cash today for their future payments. There are a variety of reasons people consider selling their payments for cash:


» Retirement

» Taxes

» Investment opportunities

» Expensive medical care

» Vacation or college tuition

» Unexpected financial changes

» Peace of mind...being free from the worry of receiving late payments or having to foreclose on the buyer

» Accounting nightmares, IRS regulations, and paperwork hassles

and the list goes on...


If it's CASH you need, let us help!


We are in the business of buying land contracts, mortgages, deeds of trust, annuities, and other sources of payments commonly referred to as "notes." We have been assisting people like you for years, providing cash quickly and effortlessly. We represent a nationwide group of investors allowing us to offer top dollar for your owner financed note.


This site was designed to answer questions commonly asked by people considering the option of selling their payments. It also provides important information on maintaining the value of your note.


Why should I consider using your company?


We pride ourselves on:

» Quick closings

» Excellent customer service

» Competitive quotes

» Providing customized options

» Strong financial backing

» Over a decade of experience

» Flexibility on all note purchases

» Credibility in the industry


At National Contract Buyers we provide top rate service combined with the best prices available.


Call us if we can assist you, 1-800-490-0731

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