Real Estate Contracts

We Purchase:


» Real Estate Contracts

» Trust Deeds

» Mortgages

» Mobile Home Contracts

» Raw Land Contracts

» Commercial Property Contracts


We pride ourselves on getting the cash in your hands as quickly as possible, within 20 business days. If we can't get you your money within that time frame, then you can cancel your transaction, without any cost to you.


We pay all costs related to funding your transaction. The amount we quote you, is the amount you receive. No hidden costs.


We do all of the paperwork and research on your transaction.


We Have Many Real Estate Contract Options:


» Full Purchase - we purchase all of your remaining payments

» Partial Purchase - we purchase any number of your remaining payments

» Reverse Partial Purchase - we pass a number of the payments to you and then purchase the remainder of the payments

» Staged Buy Out - we purchase all of your remaining payments and you receive two equal payments

» Split Funding - we purchase a portion of each payment for a specified time and dollar amount with the seller receiving the remainder of each payment.


To get a free, immediate, quote, provide us with the following information and submit. Or call us at 1-800-490-0731.


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